Anthony Nicholas GalloAnthony Nicholas Gallo has recently decided to dedicate his life to helping others overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol and stay clean for life. He has completed several addiction classes while attending Bergen Community College (BCC), and given countless hours outside of classes learning how to better help individuals struggling with addition.

Having graduated BCC, Anthony Nicholas Gallo is now pursuing his masters, and hopes to enroll at a university within the next year where he can earn an expedited Bachelor’s/Master’s in social work.

Anthony’s education is very important to him, but as he works towards his Bachelor’s degree, Anthony Nicholas Gallo is making a conscious effort to help others. He has already completed several Certified Alchol and Drug Counselor (CADC) classes that have been approved by the state of New Jersey, Anthony’s home state.

In addition to pursuing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, plus taking CADC classes, Anthony Nicholas Gallo is also a guest speaker at jails, rehabs, and other institutions to try to help those who are struggling with various addictions overcome them. In hopes of influencing younger people before they are presented with the challenge of resisting drugs and alcohol, Anthony Nicholas Gallo also speaks at local schools about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, in addition to prevention.

Anthony is committed to helping others for the remainder of his life, and understands how difficult it is to overcome an addition to drugs or alcohol. Please visit this site for updates from Anthony Nicholas Gallo on how to overcome addiction, and stay clean.